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Universal Jet Mount Kit

SKU: UMK-3115

Product Description


A whole new generation of security.

Universal Jet Mount

The Universal Jet Mount is for pilots who want to yoke mount any size iPad or Tablet in any size or type of case on a chart holder or other smooth flat surface.

This mount comes with a Sport™ Adapter mounting system to allow the user to easily rotate the iPad/Tablet from portriat to landscape. Also gives you the ability to quickly disconnect the iPad/Tablet from the mount while leaving it in a protective and stylish case. An adjustable tilt plate adds flexibility in how the iPad/Tablet is positioned. The iPad/Tablet can tilt up to 15 degrees and can be positioned up and down approximately 1 inch.

The Universal Jet Mount is secured to the smooth surface on the yoke with high strength 3M RP16, adhesive used in the aircraft industry to attach parts without screws or bolts. This ensures secure mounting that is installed without tools, yet is removable if necessary. Thus, no STC is required.

The Universal Jet Mount works great on TBM, Pilatus, Beech Jet, and other airplanes that have a smooth surface on their yoke for adhering the mount.

Universal Jet Mount

  • This is an aluminum plate with Sport Adapter and tilt pad that secures directly onto smooth surfaces via peel-and-stick adhesive.
  • The tilt pad can be positioned up or down on the mounting plate.
  • These adjustable components and the tilting capability gives the pilot a lot of positional flexibility.
  • The included Sport Adapter allows the iPad/Tablet to be easily snapped on and off the mount and allows the iPad/Tablet to be easily rotated in landscape and portrait modes.
  • Made out of a lightweight, high strength, aluminum and plastic composite materials.

Included Components:

  • Aluminum mounting plate and high strength RP16 adhesive pad.
  • Sport Adapter on tilt plate
  • Universal Cradle

Installation Instructions:

  1. Attach Universal Cradle to Sport Adapter
  2. Position on yoke. Note placement of Universal Jet Mount
  3. Remove protective paper from the four adhesive disks
  4. Secure the mount to the yoke for 5 minutes for the adhesive to set
  5. Mount is secure and ready for use after 90 minutes.
  6. To remove, place a flathead screwdriver into the slot on the side, and slowly peel the mount from the yoke. (Note: May require the assistance of at hair dryer or a heat gun to loosen the adhesive.)