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Universal Flex Stud Kit

SKU: UMK-1840

Product Description


NEW! The Universal Flex Stud - an INFINITELY articulating and adjustable arm with the ability to mount any size iPad or Tablet in any size or type of case. There is no other panel mount for an iPad/Tablet that does all that this unit does in a single, light-weight, easy to configure mount.

Universal Flex Stud Construction:

  • The arm is comprised of three independent joints, all adjustable and lockable from a single, centrally located control knob
  • The control knob joint is adjustbale to 360° and the two end joints are mini ball heads that are adjustable to 105°
  • The control knob allows partial loosening for safe and precise device positioning.
  • No longer limited to fixed length, limited rotation RAM arms
  • Takes all of the guess work out of mount size selection and problems of imprecise positioning

To Position:

  • Secure the stud mount into the panel using the provided stud
  • Attach the Universal Cradle to the Sport Adapter
  • Loosen the control knob, position the device fine tune iPad/Tablet positioning, tighten control knob

Included Componets & Specifications

  • Panel Mount
  • Flex Arm
  • Universal Cradle
  • Minimum Extension - 3.25"
  • Maximum Extension - 10.5"
  • Material - Alloy

Aviation Uses The Universal Flex Stud is the perfect mounting solution for pilots that would like to install a iPad/Tablet directly into their panel, such as in many experimental aircraft. The stud secures easily to any hole in the panel for easy mounting.

Marine Uses Use the Universal Flex Stud to modify the panel or dash of any boat by securing the stud anywhere an instrument or gauge is designed to go. Perfect for positioning the iPad/Tablet in the most convient loction to utilize it with one hand use while never giving up control of the boat. Ideal for boatowners who have a more permanent idea of where they may want to mount the iPad. Works great as a wall mount in the cabin as well.