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iPad Pro 12.9" Universal Kneeboard Folio

SKU: KNE-5015

Other Details

Kneeboard/Lapboard: Yes/Yes
Mountable: No
Material: Genuine leather
Colors & Finish: Black
Port Access: All ports accessible
Clipboard: No
Aluminum Rails On Back: Yes with rubber feet
Leg Strap: Yes

Product Videos

iPad Kneeboard Folio by MyGoFlight 02:03

Demonstration of MyGoFlight's iPad Kneeboard Folio - unique rotating kneeboard and lapdesk. Folio C includes clipboard. For more information, go to

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    Demonstration of MyGoFlight's iPad Kneeboard Folio - unique ro...
  • MyGoFlight Life

Product Description

The iPad Pro Universal Kneeboard Folio™ (without clipboard) is the perfect high quality leather, rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard and everyday case for your iPad Pro, and all other 10-13" tablets. Now you can bring any 10-13" iPad/Tablet with you into the cockpit of any airplane, train, car or truck where it can be held secure on your knee and lap. High quality, rich leather wraps the outside while soft and protective micro-fiber material lines the inside. The iPad/Tablet is held by four adjustable clips that are attached to a rotating cradle. All of the ports and controls remain accessible so the iPad/Tablet can be charged, synced and controlled when it is in its case.

Also available for iPad Mini 1-4, iPad Air 1/2, and for the iPhone 6/6 Plus.


iPad Pro Universal Kneeboard Folio Features:

Tablet secured, viewable, and operable with one hand during critical phases of flight as requred by the FAA
Secure your iPad/Tablet on either leg for use with either hand
Rotate iPad/Tablet between landscape and portrait positions while in flight
Convert your case into a desktop stand for use on desk, table or lap

The iPad Pro Universal Kneeboard Folio does not come with a clipboard. If you are looking for the Folio including the clipboard please CLICK HERE
Take your iPad/Tablet from air to office to home, eliminating the inconvenience and cost of using more than one case
Fits any 10-13" touchscreen iPad/Tablet - Specifically designed for iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
Adjusts to fit changes of future iPad/Tablets within its size range

The iPad Pro Universal Kneeboard Folio was designed for the demanding and exacting needs of pilots and the cockpit environment, and available for all. It is designed to accommodate all preferences for how you like to use it - both right and left hand, attached to the right or left leg, as a traditional kneeboard with the clipboard on the outside or as a lap desk. The cover can be wrapped fully around the case so that only the iPad/Tablet is available on your leg for those cockpits or spaces that have minimal space. The choice is yours. Any way you choose to use it, your iPad/Tablet will be secure in its place.

The built-in stand feature enables you to prop your iPad/Tablet at almost any angle on a table or other flat surface. A low slant is perfect for reducing wrist strain while typing on the iPad/Tablet on-screen keyboard. A higher angle gives you a perfect position for watching movies or photo slideshows or when typing with a wireless keyboard. When the stand is not needed it stores neatly against the case and turns into the case's closure system. This keeps the front of the case closed and your iPad/Tablet screen is protected when not in use.

Remove the strap and you have a beautiful every day case to hold and use your iPad/Tablet - one investment in a case can be used as a kneeboard/lapboard and as a protective case.


Included Componets:

folioCase.jpg iPad Pro Universal
Kneeboard Folio Case
kneeboardStrap.jpg Kneeboard Strap


Folio Case Material - Genuine Leather
Strap Material - Elastic/Velcro