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iPad 2/3/4 Sport Case (Kneeboard/Mountable)

SKU: KNE-1051

Other Details

Dimensions: 9.75"L x 7.75"W x .63"D
Kneeboard/Lapboard: Yes/No
Mountable: Yes
Material: Polycarbonate
Colors & Finish: Black with soft rubber coating
Port Access: All ports accessible
Clipboard: No
Aluminum Rails On Back: Yes with rubber feet
Leg Strap: Yes
Case Skin Option: No
Apple Smart Cover Compatible: Yes

Product Videos

iPad Sport™ & Sport™ Mounts 02:01

When you want to add an iPad display to your panel in a mounted solution that starts with your iPad in its case, quick-connects, easily rotates to landscape and portrait modes and you want to do it Apple "cool," check out the iPad Sport™ and the RAM mounts it mates to. The iPad Sport™ comes in two configurations - The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ (with rails on the bottom and a leg strap) and the iPad Sport™ NR (no rails or strap) . Both cases mount to the RAM mounts with the Sport™ Adapter.To learn more, go to .

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Product Description


The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ is the perfect aviation kneeboard, mount and everyday case for the iPad. It is designed for the pilot looking to secure their iPad on either leg, who needs the minimal case, but still wants a very secure fit, or for the pilot that wants to mount their iPad. In black, smooth polycarbonate, the Sport™ adds protection and great feel to the iPad. The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ was designed for pilots by pilots. It is designed to work in aircraft where space is tight or where there is a cyclic, or control stick being used between the legs. It is perfect for pilots of helicopters, sport aircraft, and when there is tight yoke clearance or when mounting is desired.

NOTE: This is the iPad Kneeboard only. Mounts sold separately.

This product fits the iPad 2, 3, and 4

  • iPad secured, viewable, and operable with one hand during critical phases of flight
  • Secure your iPad on either leg for use with either hand
  • Allows for fast coupling and iPad rotation when used with MGF Sport Mounts
  • Case easily coonects and rotates when paired with MGF Sport Mounts
  • 360° ROTATION
  • Rotate iPad between landscape and portrait positions in flight when mounted
  • Take your iPad from air to office to home, eliminating the inconvenience and cost of using more than one case


  • Model
  • Release Date
  • *Model Number
  • Notes
  • iPad 4 (aka iPad 4th Gen)
  • 11/02/2012
  • A1458(WiFi)
    A1460(WiFi + Cellular)
  • Mid-size screen (9.7 inches). Lightning port at the bottom. Available in black or white. Retina display.
  • iPad 3 (aka iPad 3rd Gen)
  • 03/07/2012
  • A1416(WiFi)
    A1403(WiFi + Cellular)
  • Mid-size screen (9.7 inches). Old 30-pin port. Available in black or white. Retina display.
  • iPad 2
  • 03/02/2011
  • A1395(WiFi)
    A1396(WiFi + Cellular)
  • Mid-size screen (9.7 inches). Old 30-pin port. Available with black or white front (back is silver).

*Note: Model number can be found on the back of the iPad. Starts with the letter A followed by 4 numbers.