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Dual GPS

SKU: GPS-1015

Other Details

Dimensions: 2.25" x 2.25" x .75"
Connection Type: Bluetooth - connect to 1 device
Compatibility: iPad; iPhone; iPod Touch; Blutooth-enabled smart phones; Bluetooth enabled tablets & laptops
Power Source: Rechargeable battery (lasts up to 8.5 hrs)
Power Consumption: Self-powered. iPad impact - Bluetooth receiver on, power impact minimal, similar to powering a plugged in GPS device
Charging: Rechargeable device. Can also be charged while in use with included cigarette lighter plug
Number of Connections/Users: 1
Trip Data Logging: No.
Display Screen: No.

Product Description

The Dual GPS - XGPS150A connects via Bluetooth to the iPad or other iDevice and works with 28V systems. When a GPS signal is a must have, not just nice to have. For all generations of iPad. An external GPS that connects via Bluetooth and keeps you connected wirelessly to a GPS signal at all times.

An external GPS is one of the most important accessories to use with your iPad and the iPad Sport™ or iPad Kneeboard Pro™. Together, your iPad is secure, viewable and always connected to a GPS signal during all phases of flight. How useful is it to glance down at your iPad expecting to instantly see your position on the map or approach plate only to find that the signal was lost?

The advantage of the Dual GPS is that it connects wirelessly to the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch using Bluetooth. It can be placed where ever you wish with no wires or anything plugged into the iPad itself.

An external GPS is REQUIRED even if your iPad has the A-GPS chip as found in the 3G models. Why? Because the A-GPS in the iPad has proven to be unreliable for many pilots. Pilots report loss of GPS signal in the air, an inability to acquire or re-acquire a GPS signal once in the air, or periods of time where no GPS signal is present.

An external GPS is ESSENTIAL when your iPad does not have a GPS (when a 3G version is not purchased). Why? Because the WiFi iPad version does not have any GPS at all.

The Dual GPS is shown below along with a lanyard and an optional Secure Clip Set to secure your GPS (and pen, flash light) on your clipboard or in your bag when not in use. The Secure Clip Set includes a stainless steel S-Biner that comes with six different-colored mini S-Biners and is cheap insurance to minimize your chance of losing your GPS. Also shown, the Dual GPS comes with a non-slip dashboard pad and an adjustable strap to attach to an arm or backpack when used outside of the plane.

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