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Compact Suction - Automotive Mount

SKU: MNT-1813t

Other Details

Length: Min = 2.25" | Max = 3.5"
Material: Aluminum & ABS Plastic
Suction Cup Diameter: 3.5"
Total Weight: 7.1oz / 201g

Product Videos

MYGOFLIGHT Tilt And Swivel Mounting System 01:36

MYGOFLIGHT's NEW Tilt And Swivel mounting system allows pilots to position their iPad or other device in the perfect location for their cockpit. The mount can tilt 90° and swivel 360° around the green ball. This system is now available on all MYGOFLIGHT Jet Mounts, Compact Suction, Flex Glare Shield, and Panel Tilt And Swivel. Our new Tilt & Swivel mounting system allows a pilot to position and secure any iPad or other device exactly where they need it. This new part is made completely of aircraft grade aluminum providing maximum stability and reliability while minimizing vibration. The Tilt & Swivel increases adjustability of the mounts while having a smaller footprint.

    MYGOFLIGHT's NEW Tilt And Swivel mounting system allows pilots...

Product Description

The Compact Suction - Automotive Mount is for drivers who want to mount their ELD, iPad or other device off a glass windshield or other smooth surface while using the least amount of space. This is especially useful when using the mount on a side window close to the driver. Each of these mounts comes with a Generation 3 Sport™ Adapter.

The Compact Suction - Automotive Mount is the most versatile mounting solution for pilots that would like to install an device on almost any flat, smooth surface. The high strength suction cup twist and locks to provide a secure hold to the windshield or metal panel.

The mount is portable and can easily fit in your bag or can be positioned and left on-board. Perfect for owners and renters alike.

  • Compact Suction can be installed by any driver in any vehicle. Use the quick release suction cup to securily mount to glass or any other smooth surface.
  • Vibration minimized, all parts made of metal making it solid and durable
  • Mount swivels 360° and tilts 90° providing infinite adjustment
  • 360° ROTATION
  • Rotate device between landscape and portrait positions when mounted
  • This mount comes with a Gen 3 Sport Adapter which quickly connects to any MYGOFLIGHT device holder. Press both green buttons to remove.
  • From iPad to GoPro this mount can securely hold any device including iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Microsoft Surface, GoPro, Garmin GPS, and even more.