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Bad Elf GPS Pro

Product Description

The GPS Pro device is suitable for aviation, car navigation, marine chart plotting, and tracking activities such as backpacking, cycling, hiking, golf, and geo-caching. The large LCD display with back light immediately distinguishes the GPS Pro from the competition. This allows clear visibility to the quality of the GPS lock as well as battery level, WAAS lock status, ground speed, altitude, and heading data.


  • Connect simultaneously via Bluetooth to up to five iOs devices
  • Display screen shows aircraft information
  • Optional Data Log to record flight paths
  • Battery Life that extends up to 16 hours
  • 30 foot wireless range
  • Records up to 100 hours of location data
  • Splash Proof


  • Fast GPS lock times (45 seconds or less)
  • 2.5 meter accuracy
  • 60k feet maximum altitude
  • 1000 MPH maximum speed
  • Up to 10Hz position update rate
  • 66-channel MTK GPS chipset SBAS/WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS
  • Compatible with iPod touch - All versions iPhone - All versions iPad - All versions iPad Air - All versions iPad mini - All versions GPS

What's Included

  • BE-GPS-2200 GPS Pro device
  • 3ft (90cm)Mini-USB cable for charging
  • 12-24VDC vehicle USB charger
  • Detachable Neck Lanyard
  • User’s Manual

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