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Bad Elf GPS Pro

SKU: GPS-1025

Other Details

Dimensions: 3″ x 2.4″ x 0.7″
Connection Type: Bluetooth - connect to up to 5 devices at the same time
Compatibility: iPad; iPhone; iPod Touch
Power Source: Rechargeable battery (lasts up to 16 hrs)
Power Consumption: Self-powered. iPad impact - Bluetooth receiver on, power impact minimal, similar to powering a plugged in GPS device
Charging: Rechargeable device. Can also be charged while in use with included cigarette lighter plug
Number of Connections/Users: Up to 5
Trip Data Logging: Yes. Up to 100 hours worth of flight data
Display Screen: Yes. LCD to check info without exiting flight app

Product Description

At a glance, the large LCD display with backlight immediately distinguishes the GPS Pro from the competition, allowing pilots to see at a glance the quality of the GPS lock as well as battery level, WAAS lock status, ground speed, altitude, and heading data. Pilots no longer need to guess at the meaning of blinking LED lights or leave their flight app to check the status to the GPS unit

The Bad Elf GPS Pro is the first GPS for the iPad that:


1. Connect simultaneously via Bluetooth to up to five iOs devices at the same time. Useful for pilots who fly with a co-pilot or passengers that want to track the progress of their flight.

2. A display screen that shows information regarding the aircraft's position, speed, altitude, battery life and accuracy.

3. A data logger option to record flight paths flown. Useful to those that need to log such information or for reviewing post flight.

4. An extended life battery that lasts up to 12 hours.


For multi-crew aircraft, or pilots who use their iPhone as a backup for their iPad in the cockpit, the GPS Pro allows up to five devices to be connected at the same time. 

Combined with the 30 foot wireless range, pilots can easily share the flight's real-time GPS data with passengers in the cabin who may be following along on their own iPad devices.

The GPS Pro offers a 16-hour battery life when connected wirelessly via Bluetooth, which is great for commercial pilots flying long international legs or pilots who don't want to have to remember to fully charge the device each time they go flying.  Location data is provided at up to ten times per second for maximum performance.

In addition to providing real-time GPS data wirelessly to any connected devices, the Bad Elf GPS Pro includes an internal data logger with storage for up to 100 hours of location data.  This is perfect for student pilots and flight schools wanting to track flights, critique instrument approaches, and store data for analytics.  The device records up to 100 hours of location data, which can be downloaded, viewed, and shared after the flight. 

Outside the cockpit, the GPS Pro device is suitable for car navigation, marine chart plotting, and tracking activities such as backpacking, cycling, hiking, golf, and geo-caching.  It is splash proof (to IPX4 standards) and includes a neck lanyard - ready for your next adventure!

An external GPS is REQUIRED even if your iPad has the A-GPS chip as found in the 3G models. Why? Because the A-GPS in the iPad has proven to be unreliable for many pilots. Pilots report loss of GPS signal in the air, an inability to acquire or re-acquire a GPS signal once in the air, or periods of time where no GPS signal is present.

An external GPS is ESSENTIAL when your iPad does not have a GPS (when a 3G version is not purchased). Why? Because the WiFi iPad version does not have any GPS at all.

Package contains:

  • BE-GPS-2200 GPS Pro device
  • 3ft (90cm) Mini-USB cable for charging
  • 12-24VDC vehicle USB charger
  • Detachable Neck Lanyard
  • User’s Manual


  • iPod touch - All versions
  • iPhone - All versions
  • iPad - All versions
  • iPad Air - All versions
  • iPad mini - All versions

GPS Technical Specs:

  • Fast GPS lock times (45 seconds or less)
  • 2.5 meter accuracy
  • 60k feet maximum altitude
  • 1000 MPH maximum speed
  • Up to 10Hz position update rate
  • 66-channel MTK GPS chipset