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Oshkosh 2013

Seminar: iPad Takes Flight! ADVANCED.

Dates/Times - Location: Forum Pavilion 06

Monday, July 29. 1:00 PM

Friday, August 2. 10:00 AM

iPad In-Flight Roundtable: Five leading iPad flight app developers & an iPad gear company discuss current & future use of their systems & gear in-flight & in the cockpit.

Date/Time - Location: Forum Pavilion 06

Wednesday, July 31. 1:00 PM

MyGoFlight Exhibits at Oshkosh: Flagship Booth - Hangar B 2144, Second Booth - Hangar A 1153


Seminar: iPad Takes Flight! ADVANCED.

Topic - Mastering the iPad for use in-flight and for Aeronautical Decision Making - the need for proficiency, the need for speed

This seminar focuses on why and how to master the use of the iPad in-flight. Specific topics to be covered will include using iPad apps as a backup, to improve situational awareness, to support quality and speed of in-flight decision making, and to help in an emergency. Also discussed will be how to make the iPad “Cockpit Ready” so that it is secured, viewable and operable in-flight.

You have been using your iPad for a while, but have you mastered it? Are you proficient in its use in-flight? We will look to answer questions like:

What does it look like when you have mastered using the iPad in-flight?

What capabilities will you then have that you didn't have before?

Why is this important?

How do you become proficient and master the use of the iPad?

Is your iPad "Cockpit Ready?"

Goal - Rate your proficiency; define a path to achieve proficiency

The goal of this seminar is to expose you to what it looks like to be profient using the iPad in-flight, not to become proficient. You will then be able to rate your skills and define a path to acheive proficiency.

Seminar Agenda

  • Why master the iPad?
    • Vastly reduced workload
    • Improved situational awareness
    • New capabilities - things that couldn't be done before
      • Runway preference
      • Emergency glide
    • Emergency navigational instrument backup
  • Real world scenario. iPad Aeronautical Decision Making - The need for speed!
    • Islip, NY to Ocean City, NJ - Pre-flight planning, weather issues, diversion
  • Pre-Flight
    • Flight Planning
    • Weather
    • iPad Readiness - the checklist
  • In-Flight
    • Cockpit Readiness
      • iPad must be cockpit ready - iPad secured, and viewable [and operable with one hand] during critical phases of flight. Critical phases of flight are defined as taxi, takeoff, landing and under 10,000 ft. other than cruise - FAA. [bracketed words added by MyGoFlight]
      • Achieved through the use of iPad specific kneeboards & mounts.
      • For more information on iPad Cockpit Readiness, click here.
    • Accessories
    • Pick Your App - Key to mastery
    • Where Is The Info?
    • Aeronautical Decision Making - the process, staying ahead of the airplane, good decisions, time to answer:
      • Direct-to
      • Re-Routing, Re-Planning
      • Diversion
      • Emergency
  • Training


  1. iPad in the air - Aviation - iPad Apps, Internet Sites & Operating Checklist For Pilots by MyGoFlight
  2. iPad Training Resources
    1. Independence Aviation
    2. Flying Like The Pros
    3. SunState Aviation


iPad In-Flight Roundtable: Five leading iPad flight app developers & an iPad gear company discuss current & future  use of their systems & gear in-flight & in the cockpit.

Executives from ForeFlight, Hilton Software (maker of WingX Pro7), Garmin, Jeppesen, Bendix King and MyGoFlight will participate in a roundtable Q&A format moderated by Aviation Consumer editory Larry Anglisano.

Speakers will answer questions from the moderator for 50 minutes, with follow-up questions from the audience.

Questions to be addressed include:

  1. App in-flight functions & capabilities - today and future
  2. App design, development, usability and stability
  3. App proficiency and training
  4. Tablet technology and cockpit readiness

This forum is sponsored by MyGoFlight and AvWeb.