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iPad Cockpit Ready


Independent Swiss watchmaker’s Breitling Jet Team selected MYGOFLIGHT’s iPad mounting system to be used in their aircraft.

“We are very proud to have been selected to be the iPad mounting system for the Breitling Jet Team” said Charles Schneider, CEO, MYGOFLIGHT. “Their pilots are professionals who work in a very demanding environment. They use only the best equipment. To be sought out by them is a real honor and a testament to the products we build and our team that makes them.”

  "We tighten it up, the mount
  is very secure, & it doesn't
  move around at all. And we
  are pulling 4 to 5 G's."

  - Jim "Guido" DiMatteo,
    Breitling Jet Team's USA aviation consultant
    and US Naval Aviator and TOP GUN pilot.

Is your iPad "Cockpit Ready?"

In 2010 we introduced the first mounting system designed from the ground up to recognize that pilot's needs had changed. A new form of electronics were making it into the cockpit in terms of smartphones, tablets, cameras and portable GPS devices. Yet, the cockpits of most aircraft never anticipated such devices nor how important they would become.

At the time, available mounting systems were general purpose and not built for the rigors of the cockpit environment. These systems were fixed in length, and had limited ability to rotate, and still are to this day.

Today, MYGOFLIGHT's industry leading mounting systems for aviation solve many of those problems and more. Our gear is being used by more pilots flying with iPads than anyone else.




Mounted solutions:

MYGOFLIGHT's mounting systems are built for aviation. They are designed to work on yoke systems - both common ones and aircraft specific. They are also designed to work on glass/Plexiglas. All mounts are pilot installable and can be semi-permanently or permanently mounted into place. Crafted from aviation grade poly-carbonate, aluminum and stainless steel, they are strong, light weight and have a solid feel. They are built to last. Our unique coupler system allows the device to be easily rotated without having to loosen anything, taking full advantage of both portrait and landscape views.

  • Product
  • Image
  • Use
  • Aircraft
  • Flex Suction
  • Flex Suction Mount
  • Mount your device onto the windshield or side window.
    • Cessna 1xx Series
    • Cirrus
    • Diamond Aircraft
    • Many Others
  • Compact Suction
  • Compact Suction Mount
  • Mount your device onto the side window.
    • Various Business Jets
    • Light Sport Craft
  • Flex Clip
  • Flex Clip Mount
  • A great suction cup alternative. Mount your device onto the side window or panel.
    • Boeing
    • Airbus
    • Commercial Jets
    • Business Jets
    • Light Sport Craft
  • Flex Yoke
  • Flex Yoke Mount
  • For mounting to yokes that extend from the panel. Also will work on many glare shields and support struts. Fits arms from 5/8” to 1.5”
    • Piper
    • Cessna
    • Citation
    • King Air
    • Many Others
  • Flex Yoke Beech
  • Flex Yoke Beech Mount
  • For mounting to thicker yokes typically found on Beechcraft aircraft. Fits arms from 1” to 3.5”
    • Baron and other Beechcraft aircraft
  • Rail Mount
  • Rail Mount Mount
  • Mount to existing monorail shade systems installed in many aircraft.
    • Cessna
    • Gulfstream
    • Any other aircraft with a monorail system
  • Chart Holder
  • Chart Holder Mount
  • Mount to existing chart holders via a clamp.
    • Lear
    • Hawker
    • Others using the chart holder by Madelec Aero
  • Universal
  • Universal Jet Mount
  • Peel and stick VHB (Very High Bond) tape mount to smooth surfaces on yoke or panel.
    • TBM
    • Pilatus
  • Boeing
  • Boeing Mount
  • Mount to existing chart holders found in many Boeing aircraft.
    • Boeing
  • Gulfstream
  • Gulfstream Mount
  • Mount to wedge found on many control arms on Gulfstream aircraft.
    • Gulfstream
  • Flex Clip
  • Flex Clip Mount
  • Mount directly to panel using AMPs hole pattern. Only mount the securily locks in place and cannot detach while in flight. Arm allows infinite positioning.
    • Various
  • Flex Panel
  • Flex Panel Mount
  • Mount directly to panel using instrument hole pattern. Arm allows infinite positioning.
    • Various
  • Flex Stud
  • Flex Stud Mount
  • Mount directly to panel using single hole. Arm allows infinite positioning.
    • Various
  • AMPs Swivel
  • AMPs Swivel Mount
  • Mount to existing Amps pattern mounts previously used for EFBs.
    • Various

Kneeboard Solutions.

iPad kneeboards are for pilots that are ok with using a kneeboard and are or can get comfortable with viewing their iPad on their leg. iPad kneeboards need enough room to utilize the iPad on the knee or lap. Airplanes with side sticks (such as the Cessna TT or Cirrus), pilots that already use a kneeboard, and pilots that are not crowded around the controls will like iPad kneeboard solutions.

An iPad kneeboard is great for chart reading, flight planning/re-planning, plate briefing, avionics/POH manual look-up and more as it is close to you makng it easy to read and easy to operate the touch screen.

Kneeboards utilize a strap to secure the iPad to the leg. Merely placing the iPad on your lap will not work well in turbulence or when the iPad slides off and is now on the floor.

  • Product
  • Image
  • Use
  • Aircraft
  • iPad Kneeboard Sport
  • iPad Kneeboard Sport
  • For use as a kneeboard when space is tight – takes up the minimum amount of space. Also can be mounted.
    • Any
  • iPad Universal Kneeboard Folio C
  • iPad Universal Kneeboard Folio C
  • For use as a kneeboard or lap desk. Includes pilot clipboard. Genuine leather. iPad rotates 360°. Adjustable clips allow the kneeboard to be universal. Can hold any iPad or tablet.
    • Any
  • iPad Kneeboard Pro C
  • iPad Kneeboard Pro C
  • For use as a kneeboard or lap desk. Includes pilot clipboard. Aircraft grade aluminum. Rugged.
    • Any

Critical Accessories.

The critical accessories below assure that you are safe and ready to go in all stages of flight. Keeping the iPad in reach, secured, charged and visible will lead to less risky situations in the cokpit and assure that you are flying with the best possible configuration.

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  • Image
  • Use
  • Flight Bag PLC Pro 2016 Edition
  • iPad Flight Bag PLC Pro Image
  • Specially designed, airport check-point friendly protective pouch to hold an iPad, laptop computer or many other electronic flight bag devices.All of the compartments are easy to see into, making it simple to find what you are looking for.
  • Flight Bag PLC Slim EX
  • iPad Flight Bag Slim EX Image
  • Room for your charger, external GPS, screen cleaners and cloths, pens and paper. Custom styling, durable materials, and a unique protection system combine in a custom fitted form perfect for the iPad.
  • Rapid Charger DualMicro 12-28 volt
  • Rapid Charger DualMicro Cigarette Lighter Charger Image
  • Cigarette charger keeps the iPad power ready when needed. Two 2.4 amp outputs allows you to charge 2 iPad's at the same time. Supports 12-28v systems.
  • ChargeIt! Jump - Portable Power Pack
  • ChargeIt! Jump - Portable Power Pack Image
  • Small compact form fits in your flight bag and provides quick, reliable power in emergency situations. Charge 2 devices at the same time. Also has enough power to jump start a vehicle or small plane.
  • Bad Elf GPS Pro+
  • Bad Elf GPS Pro+ Image
  • The new Bad Elf GPS Pro+ adds GLONASS satellite capability, USB file system access to data logs, and a barometric sensor for altitude. This GPS receiver, with 24 hour battery life and the capacity to log a full week on the road, just got better.
  • Bad Elf GPS Pro
  • Bad Elf GPS Pro Image
  • Connect simultaneously via Bluetooth to up to five iOs devices at the same time. A display screen that shows information regarding the aircraft's position, speed, altitude, battery life and accuracy. 12 hour battery life.

Invest in quality.