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Folio C Upgrade

SKU: PRT-2010

Product Description

Notes about the new iPad Air (10/27/14):

  • We have confirmed that this product fits all generations of the iPad Air (including the new Air 2).


Have an iPad Kneeboard Folio or Folio C for your iPad 2,3 or 4, but just upgraded to the latest iPad Air? No problem. We will gladly upgrade your case to fit your brand new iPad!  And, you can take the opportunity when you send in your case to purchase other accessories and options at the same price as is available now as if you had purchased your case now.

Please note, this is an upgrade for the Folio C for iPad 2,3, or 4 only. If you have the Pro C case, please check out our Pro C iPad Air Upgrade

Purchase this service and then carefully wrap and box up your Folio C, clipboard (if you have one), caseback (if you have one), a copy of your purchase slip and send it all back to:

Folio C Trade-Up Program
301 Kalamath St
Suite 103
Denver CO, 80223

 Once we recieve the case, we will send your upgraded case to you.

Other Available Options:

  • Tilt Pad - adds a way to tilt the top of the iPad when in the case back towards you.

Bundle With A Flight Bag:

The MyGoFlight Flight Bag PLC™ Series of flight bags are designed from the ground up for the "Paperless" cockpit and with the iPad in mind. They are durable, highly functional and very cool. Each of the bags are:

  • Made from soft, durable and water-resistant fabric which protects and cushions your iPad
  • Small enough to fit inside your regular carrying case, but tough enough to use by itself
  • Stylish in design and combines form and function to create a unique carrying solution
  • Comfortable to carry by hand with a soft, heavy duty strap
  • Equipped with a large front exterior pocket for AC adapter and other accessories
  • Equipped with a D-ring in the front exterior pocket to attach the optional Secure Clip Set, keys and other accessories

Choose one of the following:

  • Flight Bag PLC Slim - a single pocket, slim case, with a front accessory pouch. 12" W x 8.75" H x 1" D
  • Flight Bag PLC Slim EX - a three pocket expanded version of the Slim, with a front accessory pouch. Side D-Rings for optional shoulder strap. 12" W x 8.75" H x 2" D
  • Flight Bag PLC Slim EX w/Shoulder Strap - adds the shoulder strap with aircell technology for cushioned support to the Slim EX

Complete The System:

The System is a complete package at a special price to give you all you need to make using the iPad in-flight or on the go work as smooth, safe and secure as possible at a significant savings. The System includes:

  • Choose an external GPS option - "Plugged" with Bad Elf or "Un-Plugged" with Dual XGPS Bluetooth or NONE
  • DualMicro Rapid Charger - a 12 to 35 volt airplane/auto charger. Dual USB output for a total of 4.5a (2.1a/2.4a)
  • Secure Clip Set and lanyards - use to secure your GPS, keys, pen, or flashlight on your clipboard or in your bag when not in use. Helps to avoid losing expensive items!
  • iPad Anti-Glare Screen Protector - Protect the screen from scratches and reduce glare which can make the iPad difficult to read
  • iPad Screen Cleaner Kit - a special glass wax used to clean and protect the screen of the iPad. Can also be used on eye and sunglasses, computer monitors and aircraft avionics