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FlexYoke Mounts


Functional, Inivative Device Mounts

Adjustable rugged mounts are easy to attach to almost any aircraft.

Adjustable. Inivative. Secure.

We are obsessed with the user experience, quality and design.



    • flexyokecockpit-03430.1493135219.600.6001.jpg

      Flex Yoke

      MYGOFLIGHT has quickly become the go to choice for pilots looking to mount their iPad and other electronics in the cockpit. MYGOFLIGHT has used their years of experience, proprietary technology, and the highest quality materials to develop the strongest and most versatile mounting solution on the market.

    • beechcenterweb17-49300.1462830318.600.600.jpg

      Flex Yoke Beech Center Collar

      The Beech Center Collar mount attaches to the retaining clamp (Silver Metal Piece) on the center yolk arm. The way it attaches is by removing the screws that hold the retaining clamp on, putting our mount on top of the retaining clamp, and then securing it with the same screws.

    • beechwidecockpit-32210.1493135673.600.600.jpg

      Flex Yoke Collar for Beech/Wide Yokes

      This mount attaches to the thick yoke shaft on Beechcraft aircraft that have two yoke tubes coming out of the panel. Secure the collar with the screws provided.